Totality Launches Marketing Signal To Help Realtors Reduce Their Customer Acquisition Cost

  • By Editor
  • 7th July, 2021

They has proven their mettle and are soon rolling out their services pan India with the launch of their Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi offices.

When it comes to real estate focused digital marketing agencies in India; there are only a few who have stood the test of time and have emerged victorious. In the last 6 years in India, having captured the largest market share in real estate, Insomniacs has become a synonymous brand to real estate selling via digital platforms.

With brands like Hiranandani Developers, K Raheja, Sotheby’s Realty India, Emaar India, and Adani Realty turning to them for executing the best strategies to drive sales. They have proven their mettle and are soon rolling out their services pan India with the launch of their Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi offices.

But, what is a little-known fact about their operations has been their technology wing under the name of Totality; which has helped them catapult their ambition of national dominance. And now, they are launching their next product module under the Totality umbrella that can help realtors plan their marketing mix efficiently, Marketing Signal.

"The genesis of Totality was always about helping realtors acquire customers at 1/3rd of their current cost. In the last year and a half, we have created such case studies which made us confident that if we invest further upon how a campaign management module could track ongoing campaigns more efficiently, then we just might help realtors save a lot of money which traditionally they did not put to use at the right mediums. Totality is India’s first real estate-focused Business Optimisation Suite. Focusing specifically on increasing sales velocity while maximizing profit margins of realtors with the help of technology. Marketing Signal was one such ambitious module where we have poured in all our experiences of selling INR 18,000 Crore worth of real estate inventory in the last 6 years. Marketing Signal helps realtors put every penny to use to drive more sales." said, Co-Founder, Insomniacs & Totality, Govind Rai.

"These are the system-generated nudges that help realtors make an informed decision of historically what has worked for them. And learning about their historical spending patterns system helps them plan their next media mix to optimum driving down the acquisition cost of customers. The platform has been able to track ROI via each medium, be it ATL or Digital. Fortunately, as a Facebook preferred marketing partner and Google partner, we were able to develop analytics that can help us gauge the fine details of which campaign under what setting has been doing well for us. The system continuously maps 6 variables at present for every campaign running on digital platforms which can affect the CPL (Cost per Lead) and Quality of Lead via an ongoing campaign." said, Co-founder/CTO, Insomniacs & Totality, Aryan Vijay.

The Totality team at Insomniacs has been running a pilot with three clients for the last 6 months. Their pilot at Raunak Group has been their biggest success story and the team believes that after having the proof of concept, they are ready to hit the market with this offering pan India.

"We have been associated with Insomniacs for the last 5 years. In our journey from an INR 100 Cr. company to INR 1000 Cr. revenue last year, team Insomniacs has played a key role. We are very proud that we were one of the early adopters of their tech offerings in the form of TOTALITY. When they first told me about Marketing Signal last year, I had to be on board and I knew I had to try this. The results are phenomenal. The nudges will keep getting better with time, I am sure. But, few insights in the pilot stage were just brilliant. From which visual to use more to drive better quality engagement and leads to How to pivot our outdoor strategies. Marketing Signal is a revolutionary offering. We need more of such young dynamic guys in the industry who are ready to push the envelope." Shyamal Mody, Partner, HOD – Marketing & Sales, Raunak Group.