First Hello

Uplift Booking-to-Site-Visit ratios by minimising leakage of critical information about visiting leads. No more paper trails, no more unreadable writing and no more fake contacts! First Hello enables you to authenticate and digitise all customer interactions at physical site-visits.

Every contact detail is instantly confirmed using OTP authentication. Every requirement and preference is digitally captured enabling you to create a proprietary knowledge hub. An inbuilt integration with TOTALITY allows your sales team to access this data with ease. Using another CRM, don’t worry! First Hello also allows for easy 3rd party integration with other CRMs to minimise any discomfort at your end.

Through First Hello, you ensure that every site-visit counts and brings your leads closer to a closure.

  • Digital Form Filling at Site
  • OTP Verified Data
  • Site Visit Data Analysis
  • Integrated with CRM
Site Management

Token Management

Increase the efficiency of your on-ground sales team. Through First Hello, your sales team can capture walk-ins and drive scheduled site-visits through custom forms. You can ensure that they are always familiar with key details of the leads visiting for scheduled site-visits. Enabled by First Hello, they can boost your closure rates by offering a seamless and personalized pitch every time.

  • Sales Agent Allocation
  • Campaign Source Tracker
  • Sales Team Performance
  • Elimination of Data Errors
Token Management
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