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For us, customer visits on site means that we have won half the battle. The customer just might be a hot future prospect to join the family. So, why not make the best of it? First Hello helps you interact with them and helps you fetch the most important details of the customer that would go a long way for you to help you close better. Their insights would also help you optimise your next media campaigns. It lets you go beyond the typical coordinates used for interactions. With real-time data analytics support it empowers your team to gain insights to improve the hit rate and efficiencies.

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With a user friendly UX, our app can be customized as per the designs and specifications of your brand.

In the real estate world, sales executives usually think they have the deal in the basket if they get the clients to visit a site. After all, why not? Once the customers start looking at properties, they are more likely to buy it right? We at Totality want your sales executive to make the most of it and using our real estate site visit management system they could do just that. We help your sales executives get the information from clients which they could use to close the deal better. The data that is collected from it could also help you tweak your campaign significantly so that you could better target clients. This lets you perform above and beyond your normal limitations getting you more profits. Our real estate site visit management app only exists to help you perform better.

At Totality, we completely empathize with a sales executive who works hard to close the deal. This is why we created a real estate site visit management software that benefits them to make their lives easier. Our real estate site visit tracker helps you keep track of the visits that took place on a certain property, the leads that it has, and which sales executive of yours bought the client in for the visit. You could track different projects and get the analytics from the real estate site visit tracker which would help you have a better campaign overall.

Our real estate site visit management software is also helpful for the sales executive who is dealing with the customers as well. Once you decide to use our real estate site visit management, your sales executive would no longer be fumbling around with their notepads to get information out of their customers. Our system allows them to get that information by a well-designed questionnaire which won’t feel like too much of a hassle for the customer to fill. Crucial details such as the contact information, their income and where they come from could be taken on the visit using our platform.

We aim to make the home buying experience for the customers hassle-free while getting as much information we can from them through our real estate site visit management app. Our questionnaires are mostly multiple-choice questions that don’t feel like a chore to fill unlike the pen and paper version of the same. We want to pioneer the new age where buying real estate is not drudgery for the customers, but an easy process where both customers and sales executives live in harmony. We also aim to make the real estate buying process a lot more transparent where the comfort of customers is taken care of. You can see the essence of this in our real estate site visit management tracker where the customers give their personal information without working too hard for it. This in turn helps your sales executive and you to better adjust your strategy to tackle them and prospects alike.

If you use our real estate site visit management you will see a massive improvement in the capabilities of your sales executives which would mean a bigger return for you. Your executives are more likely to successfully seal the deal for you.

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