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Real Estate Virtual Site Visit System


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The world has progressed but we are still stuck with the same old conservative methods of yesteryear. We at Totality are here to bring the change and introduce the digital way to help your clients find their dream home. We plan to set the ball rolling with the help of our virtual site visit software for real estate. Our real estate virtual site visit system is a glimpse into the future that we envision for the industry. We are pushing the boundaries of technology when it comes to the age-old industry of real estate.

Using our software, you could give your clients a real estate virtual site tour. This means your customer doesn’t need to leave the comfort of their house just to find the dream house they are looking for. This helps especially as the world is going through a pandemic. Your customers wouldn’t be leaving the safety of their house to find their dream home. They could take a tour of the house through a real estate virtual site tour system that we created which would be guided by an agent. This ensures that you get your conversions even when your client is busy or too scared to step out of their house; so, with that in mind how do we do it?

We create a real estate virtual site visit for your clients by converting 360-degree images and drone shots; even if your project cannot be accessed by these, we could create a 3-D rendering of your site by using your 2-D floor plans. This means your customer could see what exactly the flat feels like if they were to visit it. And our real estate virtual site visit system is not only limited just showing 3-D images of the place, but the agent could also guide them through the sample flat, amenities, and nearby infrastructure with audio-visual communication for which your clients wouldn’t need to download any application. This means the client smoothly sails through the most difficult part of buying a house from the comfort of their homes.

Despite the lockdown and the current economic slowdown, your real estate business could thrive. We are bringing the things that are necessary to run a real estate business on a digital platform. This includes a real estate virtual site tour, booking of a flat, and interaction between the buyer and your sales executive. This gives you a better chance to sell the unit to a customer who cannot leave their house. This was the dream when realty businesses made their debut on the Internet. We are now opening the floodgates which would eventually lead to a complete digital buying experience of a real estate property.

You could use our real estate virtual site visit system without making your customers download any extra application. All your sales executive needs to do is share a link with the client which the client needs to click on. Your sales executive could then debrief and show the plans and paperwork of the house through our platform. The customer could interact and see the flat virtually like they were there physically.

At Totality, we are proud to be pioneering a wave that would eventually lead to the change of the whole realty industry and we want you to be a part of the change and witness the renaissance of a digital age.

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