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How does one make the Real Estate business more efficient? How do we maximize one’s profit while extracting the best out of their team? And most importantly, can technology help in increasing sales velocity? These very questions lead to the genesis of Totality. India’s first Business Optimization Suite! The marketing and sales landscape in real estate is continuously evolving. The future is going to be about engagement and experiences. We can transform landscapes with the right amount of data iteration with the help of AI & ML. In the legacy system before ERP, there have been 6-7 different touch-points for customer data points. But there’s no tool that is helping to engage the customers and track their interactions with the brand right from the point he inquires to booking, from living inside the residential premises till he upgrades. We are talking about an average life cycle of 10 years. At Totality, we take pride in presenting you with a unified ecosystem. One back-end dashboard for every sale, marketing, loyalty management, and channel partner activation needs. One platform that helps realtors connect with their team, customers, channel partners, and analyze their behavior to extract maximum ROI while cutting down the cost of acquisition of customers to 1/3rd of its current value.


Govind Rai


Co-Founder & CEO 10 Years | Real Estate Marketing
Paritrupt Bagadia


Co-Founder & CTO 10 Years | Technology Development
Sohambhai Navadiya


CIO 4 Years | Technology Development
Digvijay Chauhan


CBO 8 years | Data Analytics
3 years | Business Strategy