Drive referral-based lead generation by staying connected and engaged with your existing customer base. Repeople enables you to harness true word-of-mouth publicity by facilitating creation of your own branded app solutions to deliver and manage a holistic community life within your projects.

  • App Based System
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Delight
  • Brand Recall
  • Tap Potential Customer Actual & Waiting Customers
  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost
Referral Management

Referral Gratification

Induce a culture of referrals by awarding your customers with valuable reward points for every qualified referral. Through TOTALITY, Repeople enables automatic allocation by connecting each referring customer with the status of their leads. You can further control it by setting up project-specific quantum and rules and link them to the payment stages fulfilled by their respective leads. Instant gratification is the perfect catalyst for establishing a mutually-beneficial relationship with your customers.

    For Developers :

  • Generate Referral
  • Auto Validate Leads
  • Gratify Customer
  • Point Allocation

    For Customers :

  • Check Project Details
  • Refer
  • Earn Points
Referral Gratification

Rewards Redemption

Enable easy rewards redemption directly through your white-labelled branded mobile app. Repeople collaborates with the best brands such as Amazon, Jabong, Croma, Max, Lifestyle, and many more, so that your customer is never short of options.

  • 100+ Redemption Option
  • Real Time Redemption
  • Redemption History
Redemption of Points

Lead Management

Manage all referral-based leads as per your convenience. Default integration of Repeople with TOTALITY enables you to manage all your leads in one place and measure the overall efficiency of your marketing-mix. Repeople also allows for easy 3rd party integration with other CRMs to minimise any discomfort at your end.

  • Get Leads from Customer App
  • Track Lead on CRM/ERP
  • Follow up Status
  • Alter Lead Status
Lead Management

Project Management

Experience the power of advanced project management. All your projects can be added to your TOTALITY dashboard in just a few simple steps. From there, you can manage real-time communication with the end-user, sync new updates to your websites and microsites and also get a consolidated view of your entire business.

  • List Project Details
  • Check Project Details
  • Download Brochure
  • View Walkthrough
  • Schedule a Site Visit
Project Management

User Management

Customise user roles and permissions as per your organisational structure. TOTALITY enables you to run a highly flexible and effective user management system. There are no constraints, no fixed templates and no dependency on source code. You can create as many roles and permissions as you want without ever needing our intervention.

  • Manage Users
  • Hierarchy Wise Access
User Management

ERP Management

Exploit the full potential of your ERP. By design, Repeople effectively communicates with most of the commercial ERP systems. This powers your branded mobile app to access data directly from your ERP and enable selective and need-based access for your users while avoiding all possible security loopholes. Win-win for all.

  • Payment Summary
  • Payment Schedule
  • Account Summary
  • Demand Letter
  • Document Vault
ERP Management

Grievance Management

Boost customer trust and brand loyalty by installing a closed in-house grievance redressal system. Repeople enables you to actively contain and resolve all customer complaints directly on your branded app. It’s multi-escalation feature ensures that you are aware of all pending grievances which automatically pushes for timely resolution and proactive communication by the concerned teams.

    For Developers :

  • One to One Customer Grievance Resdressal
  • Auto/ manual Escalation
  • Maintain History

    For Customer :

  • Raise a Grievance
  • Know the status
  • Reopen Issue
  • Rate the Service
Grievance Management

Redemption Partners

Referrals, A Shining Success!

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