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Dear Real Estate Marketers, Agents and Sales Heroes,

We know your job isn’t easy and these tough times are making it even tougher. We believe that all good things shouldn’t always be difficult. There are million things in a day you have to take care of and there are millions things in a day, which can go wrong, if you wouldn’t have been doing what you are doing.

If you are a marketer, your day starts off with planning the next campaign that can drive sales, choosing mediums to advertise, choosing the right budgets, aligning processes to keep a tab on your spends, negotiating with agencies, buying media, planning it and scheduling it. You also have to keep a tab on the results and ROIs of every campaign, every platform and even analyse it… The list is endless.

If you are an agent / broker, your day starts off with making your schedule for which clients to reach out today, to churn more leads, to make sure they convert into site visits. When site visits are done, convincing them to book their homes or offices with you. Then you also have the task of handling your own team big or small and making sure all calls are made on time with least response time and only necessary data is only shared. It doesn’t end here, you have to keep choosing between how much money to take back home, how much money to allocate for marketing, which mediums to use to market all the while making sure that you spend your money the right way. And then again going back to the sheet, whom did you miss out calling today? Looking at your lead funnel, is there any hot lead which still remains untouched?

If you are a sales hero, you are the one individual who takes all the pressure of the world, from your bosses, to your marketing team. You have to do all things correct. You might get paid x amount but your targets every month are 100X. And then, your daily routine starts off with understanding your targets, reaching out to prospective clients who promised you that they would be coming down to meet you with a cheque in their hands. From making sure all clients are attended well to ensuring their data is stored securely with the right remarks for future usage to ensuring you gauge the prospects in best way by rating them as hot, warm or cold. You also have to ensure that you engage enough with agents to reach your targets of walk-ins and sales. And then the daily reports have to be made and shared, corresponding with all right people to be in sync with the targets and all the planning.

We understand the tremendous pressure you are under and we are pleased to introduce you to the biggest disruption of real estate TOTALITY. We promise it will make your life easier as it is crafted meticulously to enrich and fulfill every need of yours. It is very likely that your new best friend will become TOTALITY. It has everything a realtor needs and beyond.