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5 Best Real Estate Mobile Apps in India

25th November, 2018
5 Best Real Estate Mobile Apps in India

There has been a great technological shift in the previous couple of years that has brought about powerful automation of services and items. Never again will you have to visit your real estate agent to inquire about or physically find venture properties and land! This is made conceivable by various cell phone applications for iOS and Android alike. Most of these sites also have search portals that are available over the web.

Listed below are a few real estates and property search apps in India.

  1. MagicBricks

    This is one of the main real estate applications in India. MagicBricks links you to websites that get down to the “nitty-gritty” of real estate. You can rent, purchase, or sell residential and commercial properties. The property postings are spread all through India with around a million postings at any random time. You will be in an astounding position to settle on investment property decisions because you will be advised on the location, property files, rates, and prevailing market trends.

  2. 99Acres

    In this app, you can find data about property buyers and sellers in the residential and commercial markets in India. Rather than sitting around idly, driving through town after town while looking for the ideal investment property, look at the available listings for homes here. Once you have secured that property, converse with your lender to decide the best rates and best property to buy.

  3. PropTiger

    This application is a basic answer to your real estate issues. You can get to a large number of properties in a wide range of areas around India. They tout themselves as "Indias No. 1 Property Portal." This is another extraordinary tool in your real estate investing arsenal since you can get a hold of property in prime areas. Details of the genuine dealers are additionally accessible, helping facilitate the negotiation process between purchaser and seller.


    Your search for villas, flats, or apartments in India closes here. There are houses listed here that are available to be purchased or lease. Because of this, you can pinpoint your favoured home, and afterwards, begin consulting with the dealers with the end goal of securing the payment and move to the closing day. Best of all, there is a low risk of fraudulent listings since the listed properties have been verified and have late photographs transferred to the site.

  5. Commonfloor

    This site lists more properties available to be purchased or leased in India, which will be an incredible advantage for those keen on contributing or simply finding a home to live in. Commonfloor is additionally accessible as an iOS or Android application.