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Ajmera Realty’s Official App Is Now Powered By RealtyX

20th August, 2018
Ajmera Realty’s Official App Is Now Powered By RealtyX

Ajmera Realty, a remarkable developer located in Mumbai, whose vision is to offer its customers homes that are a blend of modern design and international standards, have teamed up with RealtyX to present its customers a complete digital solution that caters to all their needs.

The real estate developer, highly distinguished for its endeavour to retain affordability while providing world-class amenities, has a presence in Indian cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and abroad as well.

Shri Rajnikant Ajmera, CMD, Ajmera Group, was awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the recently held MCHI-CREDAI Golden Pillar Awards. Another accomplishment of the group is that it has completed 50 years of serving lakhs of customers this year.

As a part of the launch, we designed an App for Ajmera Realty that operates as the point of contact between them and their customers.

Below mentioned are the services Ajmera Realty offers via its app:

  • A simplified referral system where a person receives points of making a referral. The earned points can then be redeemed in real-time by buying desired products from Partner platforms like Amazon and Home centre.
  • All grievances can be placed on a single platform and customers can be assured of getting swift replies and speedy redressal of their complaints. Thus, this ensures customer satisfaction.
  • All important notices, documents, etc. can be accessed by residents online and anytime using the online directory. This would save the hassle faced to print and distribute pamphlets.
  • A society committee is empowered to sent real-time and accurate notifications to its residents. A resident can connect with any fellow resident by accessing his contact details through a neighbourhood directory.

Therefore, with this app, Ajmera Realty has gained a relevant, technologically-enabled medium to reach their customer and to understand their needs in a superior way.