How Pepsi inspired us to look at our TG differently and create a new category to beat the coca-colas of Enterprise Solutions.

  • By Editor
  • 6th July, 2021

PepsiCo. and Coca-Cola needs no introduction. These two behemoths have been ruling the soft drink industry ever since the last century. With Coca-Cola (fondly called Coke) having had the numero uno position since the late 1800s up to the 1970s, and Pepsi later on dethroning it to continue as the market leader post 1970s.

But, have you ever wondered how Coke ruled the charts for 70 long years, and all of a sudden, Pepsi managed to beat Coke, and ever since, been able to stay afloat as the market leader?

The fight dates back to the World-War 2 era. Even during the war years, these soft drink players had a dream run quenching the soldiers’ thirsts on the battlefield. Coke was the undisputed king, followed by Pepsi. But in an industry where there’s a duopoly, you don’t want to play the 2nd player, right? Yet, Pepsi was doing it silently, and it did have the ambition to be the 1st dominant.

Jump to the 1970s, when Coke was still associated with WW2 soldiers, who were getting old and their count reducing, Pepsi targeted the then youth and it opened up a completely new target market for itself. That’s how, consistently, over the 1970s and 1980s through 2000s, Pepsi managed to have a connection with newer generations, which grew in size and numbers, eventually helping Pepsi to gain the pole position in the duopoly.

That’s what Totality learned from Pepsi. Today’s CRM offerings are pure-play data dumping grounds with no real connection with what the Real Estate Industry wants from the technology. Totality understood the needs of the market, ran around checking, and came up with Totality BOS (Business Optimisation Suite) – a set of peripheral tech platforms, though integrated, yet can be individually deployed for every Realtors based on their needs and budget requirements.

And that’s what has helped Totality register a 100% growth during 2020, when the world was seeing business contraction, we saw our business increase. Reason – connect with the target group, and offer solutions/services which solve a lot of their requirements.