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How Walmart inspired us to build Virtual Runway at Totality?

17th June, 2021
How Walmart inspired us to build Virtual Runway at Totality?

Walmart needs no introduction. The hyper-retail behemoth has mastered the brick-and-mortar business in the US of A, and looks to make substantial inroads elsewhere around the globe.

While Walmart is synonymous with the cash and carry retail operations since the last 5 decades, has anybody wondered why couldn’t it foresee the rise of e-commerce in retail business? Or was the management too arrogant/complacent to even consider the rise of Amazon (aka, the online retail giant) in late 1990s and early 2000s?

Call it whatever, had Walmart predicted the future in 1990s (just about when Amazon was raising it’s head) and realized the full potential of online retail segment, perhaps, we may have not seen the rise of Amazon as the master of online retail business.

This case study of not anticipating the future resulting in Walmart loosing it’s foot in the lucrative online retail business has made us, at Totality, understand the importance of predicting the future and building technology products for tomorrow.

Back in early 2020, when world was coming to terms with Covid onslaught, Totality had already developed a technology product – Virtual Runway, which enabled Realtors/Channel Partners perform online site visits. A simple, interactive and analytics backed tech platform, it helped the stakeholders in Real Estate Industry reach out to otherwise lost leads and improve their conversion chances. Result – better booking ratios and improved (reduced) Cost/Leads (CPL).

Yes, there are Zoom meetings, Google Meet sessions, WhatsApp calls made by the sales team, but they do become passive and one-sided over time. No analytics still means the sales team need to do the data entry and other activities manually. Virtual Runway solves all of those. With an integrated approach, Virtual Runway talks to other set of peripheral technologies within Totality BOS (Business Optimization Suite) enabling quicker, real-time and error free data transfer possibilities.

And that’s how we have stayed ahead in the game. With a number of reputed brands using the platform during lockdown and even today, coupled by decent conversions, Virtual Runway has been a success story for Totality, proving the fact that far-sightedness and capable technology helps you stay ahead in the game!