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Management of The Housing Society Made Simple by RealtyX

25th October, 2018
Management of The Housing Society Made Simple by RealtyX

The housing society you live in cannot be overseen utilizing the old-fashioned ways. As technology becomes advanced, you have to overhaul the ways and strategies of doing the same.

By using Reality X for your housing society, you can monitor everything. It covers all operational and administration viewpoints in your society.

You deal with things well on time and save money and assets.

Hence, there is no pointless remaining task at hand on the committee members. By giving self-help modules, the society management system makes each part in charge of his or her deeds.

What features should you look for?

Here are some valuable tips:

Since it is the foundation of operations and management in your society, it is very important what you need to look for in a housing society management system.

  • Billing Module :

    The module ought to calculate charges dependent on the definition applicable in your society. Calculation of dues, interest calculation, penalties and different charges ought to be computed precisely. Ensure the society billing software is configurable and adaptable to accommodate different heads.

  • Accounting Module :

    Accounting module should give boundless groups, subgroups, and records. Check the functionalities of cash book, bank book, journal, charge credit note, bank reconciliation, and so forth.

  • Society Administration Module :

    Management of fixed resources, investment tracking, transferring of important documents, online facility booking (clubhouse, garden or terrace) and so on should be available online.

  • Communication Module :

    To get complaints, recommendations, and demands through different channels; for example, email or SMS. Appointing tickets, managing queues, sending communication in the electronic format, mobile compatibility, and so on are a couple of basic parts of member communication module.

  • Reporting Module :

    When you look for housing society billing software, it is fundamentally essential to check the reporting functionality. See what kind of transactional and MIS reports are there on the menu. Salary and expenses report, trial balance, balance sheet, installments and receipts, outstanding report member wise, head-wise et cetera are a couple of examples.

  • Self-Help Module :

    Nowadays, individuals are more than happy to utilize self-help modules instead of being reliant on others. They want to deal with their membership account, pay dues, get statements and report their own. When you purchase management software, find out what is being offered by the system.