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"My Prestige: The new benchmark in Real-Estate Referral Management"

23rd July, 2022

Totality is at the forefront of creating seamless and gratifying experiences between the customers and their developers. In fact the core focus of its ecosystem of products has always been to amplify the productivity of each and every customer touchpoint thereby ensuring higher efficiency throughout the value-chain.

And it goes way beyond booking so as to ensure that customers are always assured and satisfied. Totality with its referral management solution, RePeople, helps realtors in managing their post-sales value-chain and amplifying brand loyalty above and beyond.

With its latest deployment of the ‘My Prestige’ mobile application for The Prestige group, Totality has unlocked the next level of transparency and trust between Prestige and its customer base. The newly launched application which also supports referral lead generation and reward system is available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Importance of real-time engagement with the existing customer base

Lack of appropriate communication often results in high chances of rift the developer and the customer, post the sale of the property. Sharing real-time construction updates, addressing grievances and generating quality referrals are some of the most common problems that led to the birth of RePeople. With the launch of the Prestige application, this experience is now becoming more seamless, transparent and gratifying.

Through the “My Prestige” application, customers (both old and new) are able to browse through the latest offers and book site-visits on-the-go. However one of its biggest advantages lies in facilitating a simple yet real-time communication medium between the customers and the brand. It allows Prestige to market its projects more efficiently and that too organically which will go a long way in curtailing the growing customer acquisition costs.

A prestigious leap towards convenience

Where RePeople exemplifies is in building brand loyalty among the existing customer base by driving hyper-engagement. Gone are the days when the customer had to visit the site again or keep on calling the site-executives for updates. With the power of “My Prestige”, the power is now at the fingertips of customers.

It starts with a friction-less UI where each existing customer can simply login using a Customer Identification Number (CIN). Upon doing that, all of the customer’s details are fetched automatically. From there onwards, all interactions between the customer and the brand take place on the application which includes sharing construction updates, grievances, payment schedules, online payments, certificates and everything in between.

A multimodal yet interlaced promotional space

“My Prestige” is the perfect example of how advertising could be incorporated into the experience of a customer engagement application. Taking inspiration from the social media giants, Totality has incorporated several layers of promotion. The transitions between property management and new project sections are so flawless that users on an average have spent 53% of their active time on just the new projects.

Individual new/upcoming project sections have been carefully curated to display the lifestyle and promise of The Prestige Brand in a never-before fashion, lump with luxurious home tours and indulgent amenities.

An integrated referral and lead management system

“My Prestige” application is fully integrated with all the other information management systems such as CRM, ERP et al. Hence all referral leads generated from the application go directly into the CRM and all updates on the leads are displayed to the referees on the application.

This level of transparency has been appreciated so much by the existing customer base that Prestige has already seen its referral leads go up by upto 300% Y-o-Y.

The cherry on top - A gratifying reward experience

The Prestige brand has always stood out for its promise of caring for its clients. This is why every referral made on the “My Prestige” application that converts into a booking, earns upto 1.5% of the booked inventory value. This exchange is facilitated in the form of reward points which are redeemable in over 160 brands associated with the RePeople product. The entire lifecycle of a referral right from sharing the contact, tracking, fruition, reward to redemption can thus be handled on a single interface!


A 300% rise in referral lead generation stands testament to the promise of RePeople.With “My Prestige” deployment, Totality has created yet another benchmark in customer centricity and experience.