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Thank you Apple! To inspire us to chase a great design at Totality

16th May, 2021
Thank you Apple! To inspire us to chase a great design at Totality

Apple needs no introduction today. The epitome for class leading mobility products, Apple has come a long way from manufacturing smartphones from 2007-08 to a dominant global smartphone manufacturer in 2020. One aspect of Apple’s that has remained constant so far, throughout these years, be it in it’s smartphones or laptops or smartwatches is the inherent design philosophies it adopts to, in every iteration, with every improvement.

Apple pioneered with the MINIMALISM approach in designing smartphones and laptops ever since it began mass production of these models. Mr. Jobs and Mr. Jonathon took the dive to radically alter the then current design elements and adopt to minimalism approach in 1997. The approach was simple – to keep the utility as functional and seamless, while improving their operations and speed in every new release. The same approach is currently adopted at the organisational level too – be it in terms of their manufacturing processes or launching new products with common inheritance of simple, functional and minimal complication to utility. This philosophy is in sharp contrast to today’s other dominant players in the mobility industry – where the design and functionality takes a back seat, improvements are rolled out frequently, making previous versions reduntant in a short timeframe.

That’s what Totality has done. While other offerings in the #PropTech space for Real Estate Industry in India are adopting more design elements in their technology products by offering many new features and functionalities which, though seems new and exciting, but lacks the utility and adoption. Totality has modelled it’s architecture on Apple’s footsteps. Making the core technology so functional and user friendly and thereby adding layers of customisations to suit the entire spectrum of industry – from small time developers to India’s biggest ones, we take immense satisfaction and pride to affirm our promise – providing one step automation and optimisation technology for Realtors.

And by adopting Apple’s minimalistic approach to product design, Totality has managed to differentiate itself from everyone, resulting in carving a niche for itself in the industry. Outcome – the promise they live by everyday, is proven by the tremendous faith the industry has shown by reception of it’s business optimisation suite, which guarantees reduced booking cost for Realtors.