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The Best Realtor App To Boost Your Real Estate Business

24th Jan, 2020
The Best Realtor App To Boost Your Real Estate Business

RealtyX is a web, mobile, cloud-based storage for developers to propel their brand name to their customers, offering them an interface for everything without an exemption that a customer may need to deal with while living in their homes. Everything from booking any meeting in the developer`s office, or dealing with their support tabs and the power charges, booking any hyperlocal administration, taking care of a laundry bill by methods for virtual focuses to insinuating a particular advancement catering to their friends and family, it offers them an opportunity to gain as they do everything. RealtyX is an ecosystem specially developed for clients, channel partners, and developers. RealtyX offers different features that assist real estate professionals with saving time and sell more. Those features are referral management, grievance management, bill payments, parking management, and many more.

RealtyX has many features that can help you boost your real estate business. Referral management makes the life of a real estate agent easy by referring the lead to some other agent and properly keeping a track of their status through this app. It gives proper detailed information about accept status from the other agent to continue following up with the agent to get the referral money on time. Referral business works well for all real estate agents if properly executed and tracked through an application. Hyperlocal management is another interesting feature in our realtor app which can benefit the customer where they thank you every time they get the perfect vendor at their fingertips. Hyperlocal management is very important for real estate agents as customers are continually in search of in-depth information and when they find it they stick to it. This is what converts to new customers and sales. Society management is used by many housing societies nowadays to smartly manage their housing society online with fast bill generation, important and urgent smart notification, on-call support system, user-friendly accounting system, conducting committee meetings online and can also pay their maintenance bill online. Committee members can also upload circulars to spread any piece of information digitally. Through this app committee members can also reply to any complaints raised by the society members with properly tracking the status of every complaint. Parking management is also used by many housing societies these days where they can view and improve the parking system followed by members on a daily basis with a detailed allotment history of every member living in the society. This helps in increasing the effectiveness of the current parking system used in housing societies. Parking management in a housing society is a tedious task especially when there are many cars therefore it is advisable to use a parking management system to manage the allocation of parking slots more efficiently and effectively.

The realtor app can be very helpful for your real estate business to keep track of who`s doing what on a daily basis. It also allows you to connect with people from your social networks, calendars, contacts to give you detailed insights. To stand out in this competitive world, you need to have a realtor app.