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The Proptech Revolution Unveiled: Insights from Episode 1 with HomeXchange CEO

29th May, 2023
The Proptech Revolution Unveiled: Insights from Episode 1 with HomeXchange CEO

The next decade belongs to Proptech. But how? Who are the people creating this wave? What happens when they come together? Proptech & Fintech, what happens when they come together? What are the construction technologies that Proptech has, that can deliver our homes to us, faster? What does "sustainablity in real estate" mean and what does it do? What is "Fractional Ownership" and is it even beneficial? How do brokers and developers leverage data to drive their sales faster? It is okay if the developers use CRM, but why do the brokers need it? Can Proptech help real estate sell like FMCG with the use of Metaverse? How is technology transforming the customer real estate experience? How are the big real estate developers using automation to drive their growth? There are countless questions but their answers are all over the place. So RealtyPlus and Insomniacs thought, "lets bring all these answers together" and bring technology awarness on how technology landscape is going to change in future. These entrepreneurs have spent a number of nights working on these answers, which is why this series is named "Sleepless Rangers". Top 15 Proptech entrepreneurs are invited in the first season, as they are the makers of the answers! Every week on Wednesday, one Proptech entrepreneur at a time.

Watch this series on on Sleepless Rangers channel Click here.

In Episode 1, Mr. Govind Rai, CEO of Insomniacs, discussed with Mr. Jesal Sanghvi, CEO of HomeXchange, about the companys services and its relevance in real estate market. HomeXchange offers end-to-end services that include selling and purchasing properties and assistance in availing home loans. He emphasized the effectiveness of HomeXchange in managing transactions and liquidity, and its ability to provide personalized services to customers through brokers. The conversation touched upon the primary and secondary markets. The talk highlighted the importance of proptech in the industry and the need for effective management of transactions and operations to ensure customer satisfaction.

To watch first episode Click here.