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Top Advantages Of Having A Society Maintenance App

05th April, 2019
Top Advantages Of Having A Society Maintenance App

Our day to day struggles include a lot of chores that need to be completed, one of which includes attending to all the household billings, including water supply, electricity supply and much more. Likewise, these tasks and many others come under the aspect of society management. For years together, people have been following the conventional way of managing and updating the housing societies. While this method does its job, it certainly comes with its own loopholes. Monthly society meetings, daily needs and cultural events are dealt with by random members of the society which then becomes detrimental and ambiguous to the rest of the society. To tackle this inconsistency and ambiguity, an error-free, transparent and astute system needs to be established.

When we talk about cutting-edge technology, gaining momentum in almost every domain of our lives, how can we not shed light on housing societies? Mobile applications are meant to specifically manage and consolidate the societal errands that are brewing up. These applications offer a host of features which are customizable according to the size, preference, and the collective needs of the society. These apps reduce human effort, increase transparency between the society members and management and ensures real-time communication without any delays. Also, it saves time, paperwork, human efforts and offers reliability.

Here are a few mobile applications that house a myriad of features and conveniences. Take a look!

1. Bills Payment:

The society welfare association can make the members aware of their electricity bill, water bill, maintenance charges, etc. Additionally, the members can also easily pay off their society bills. Using this feature, the management committee members can quickly send generate a payment schedule to collect maintenance dues from all the apartment owners.

2. Maintenance Request:

Maintenance issues and concerns can be discussed over in these apps. Moreover, one can easily acquire the status of these issues on whether they are solved or need an escalation to the higher authorities of the committee. Real-time reminders/notifications can be sent to the residents for prompt payments and to avoid last minute hassles of maintenance bills. It also sets a reminder for bill payments by SMS alerts. Members can also check the status of their maintenance payment and get the receipt instantly.

3. House Help:

Finding reliable maids and housekeepers is difficult. However, with the emerging Proptech apps, one can avail these services without a second thought. As in terms of safety, all the personnel would be registered with the app prior to them being hired. This feature enables you to get hold of maids, car washers, cook, etc. in a single tap.

4. Society Members’ Automated Chat System:

It empowers the users to chat and discuss society topics and carry on discussions for better clarity. Since not every member can be present at physical meetings, chat groups on society maintenance apps act as an alternative for the good. Members can share information regarding important conferences and festivities and can ultimately develop a powerful connection with each other.

5. Publish Notice for Your Society:

As simple as it sounds, one can publish notices, awareness, declarations instantly through these apps. Within no time, these real-time notifications reach the respective members and they can then follow the instructions.

6. New Move-Ins and Shift Outs:

In certain apps, the proprietor can deliver a message through the app about a renter moving in. The app also facilitates the submissions and the necessary documents available with him.

7. Time - Saver & Go - Green Activity:

One of the many perks that app managed societies get to experience is that they save themselves from the collateral damage of tons of paper wastage. Effectively, it’s also time-saving at the same time as one can operate all the activities in a jiffy with a single click on the app.