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Why Housing Society ERP Management System Is A Must For Every Housing Society?

28th Feb, 2020
Why Housing Society ERP Management System Is A Must For Every Housing Society?

Managing a huge housing society with hundreds of residents responsibly is not an easy task, it comes with many difficulties. Nowadays, the size of societies is increasing day by day forming integrated townships and managing them becomes a task of its own. From managing administrative work of residents to collecting society`s dues from non paying members to properly managing common utilities to handling various difficulties faced by society members to monitoring statutory reports, it is always better to manage everything through a housing society ERP management system. Manually keeping a track of all the important documents and stacking those documents get complicated and unmanageable as well as consume time and manpower. So it is advisable to use the housing society ERP management system that will help to manage different important administrative tasks in an effective manner. Considering a number of responsibilities with your regular daily work pressure and family commitments, a housing society ERP management system will reduce the workload of committee members.

Housing Society ERP management system helps you manage even the most complex data like which vehicle is owned by which resident, managing which assets like parks, gyms, and auditoriums are available and income and expenses of staff members like security guards and many important documents. Keeping records manually on papers after a point gets unmanageable and hard to get to. So on the off chance that you need to recover a piece of specific information out of the stacks, it will be very difficult. Be that as it may, with the housing society ERP management system, you can have a brisk look at the subtleties of all units alongside the developed and super-developed region of apartments. It additionally allows simple access to sale status or occupancy status of every apartment in the high rise.

There are many issues that the residents face in their day to day life like electrical problems, water leakage issues and many more. In such cases, help is of utmost necessity. But in the manual system, there are chances that the complaints can be ignored before it reaches the concerned department. Management systems help to connect the residents directly to the concerned person and the issue can be resolved in 2 hours which would otherwise have taken 12 hours. Humans are bound to make mistakes. Hence, it is always better not to depend on them for complex operations. Housing society ERP management system can handle complex tasks like calculating interest on late payment can be done automatically by the system with any errors and saving a lot of time. Expense management is managed efficiently by these systems where both direct and indirect expenses are involved. This reduces the workload on committee members and allows them to focus more on other productive things which also needs to be taken care of.