Totality Engine CRM

With Totality Engine, Realtors can implement technology to digitize various marketing touch-points, collect data to create a knowledge hub and provide a single-window unified operating interface. For sales & marketing teams, improve efficiencies, track campaign spends, and calculate ROIs to ensure decision making happens with AI and ML-backed trend, reading algorithms to help Realtors decrease Customer Acquisition Cost.

CRM Engine is a next-generation comprehensive CRM software that comes with easy 3rd party integration opportunities and a simple and intuitive interface. The technology will help improve the efficiencies of your Sales and Marketing Teams, as the inherent automation will drive their next actions and provide data-backed insights as to the output.

  • SaaS Platform
  • Single Unified Platform
  • Real-Time Data Analysis
  • User-Level Hierarchy
  • Automated Analytics
  • Integrated With Developer CRM
  • Customization Possibility
Totality Engine

Lead Management

Manage all your leads from a single unified interface. Experience the seamless integration of the platform with all major online & offline lead-generation touch-points and real-time data transfer to provide lead details.

  • Lead Funneling
  • Lead Sourcing
  • Lead History
  • Lead Allocation
  • Smart Reminder
  • To-do List
  • Lead Analysis
  • Team Performance Report
  • Inbuilt SMS/Email Notification to Lead
Lead Management

To-Do List

Worried about missing important follow-ups planned for future dates? Not anymore. Totality's intelligently driven To-dos ensures you do not miss any important communication you have planned with your prospects.

Remain on the go and connect with your prospects. Manage your follow-ups through intelligent tasks created during the course of the conversation.

All with a simplicity of a few clicks to ensure a seamless operating experience.

  • Intelligent Task Creator
  • Automated Tasks Tagged To Agents
  • Intimation Through Notification
  • Accountability And Ownership Measurement For Tasks
To-Do List

CMS Driven Website Builder

Experience the power and the freedom to build your own project specific microsite, FOR FREE!

Drag and drop content and creative, play around with project updates, select the template of your choice and your website will be ready.

  • Template Selection
  • Website Theme Options
  • Fonts & Color Options
  • Add Images & Content
  • Project Details
  • Upload Data
CMS Driven Website Builder

AI and ML-Backed Data Analysis

Powerful and proprietary algorithms running in the back-end, reading data and churning out trends and patterns to help you with data-backed decision making. Work on Industry Standard Analytics output from the data gathered in the system, and optimize your next steps to drive more efficiency.

  • Download Daily/Monthly/Weekly Reports
  • Campaign Performance Report
  • Project Report
  • Presales/ Sales Team Report
  • Source wise Lead Report
  • Analyze Marketing Channels
AI and ML-Backed Data Analysis

Campaign Management

Calculate real-time campaign efficiency through parameters that drive campaign optimization. Figure out which campaign works the best for a specific project, and align campaign parameters for subsequent campaigns to drive maximum efficiency, keeping an eye on cost per lead, cost per site visit and cost per booking.

  • Define Ad Campaigns
  • Set Attributes
  • Relevant Target Audience
  • Location Targeting
Campaign Set up

Integrated Cloud Telephony

Unlock the true potential to drive communication with your prospects. Seamlessly map IVRs with a campaign for a project, and custom-assign the same to an agent. All from the common interface.

  • Purchase Cloud Telephony Number
  • Credit Recharge Facility
  • Integrated IVR system
  • Maintain Call Record History
  • Calling Facility
Integrated Cloud Telephony

Workflow Automation

Totality CRM allows you to automate communication tasks that may currently be handled manually. Whether it's contacting relevant leads, sending welcome emails to new clients, or contacting a qualified lead, it can all be automated and driven through template mapping. SMS/Email/WhatsApp- use all the available platforms to automate your lead communication process.

  • Email/Sms/Whatsapp Integration
  • Template Based Automated Communication
  • Custom Process Implementation
Workflow Automation

Data and Platform Security

Worried about your data being vulnerable to be exposed to the world? Not anymore. Totality uses the metrics and the latest technologies to ensure your data remains secure with us. With dedicated hosting on AWS servers equipped with the best data encryption tools, you can bet on us to keep your data safe.

  • AWS Hosting
  • Data Encryption And Security Protocols
  • Our Guarantee To Protect Your Data
Data and Platform Security

WhatsApp Business API

Want to provide the next-level, personalized communication through WhatsApp? Integrate your Business Account with Totality, and send automated template-driven messages on WhatsApp and provide your prospects with stellar, personalized customer service.

  • Personalised Communication Templates
  • Real Time Updates
  • Whatsapp To-dos
Integrated Cloud Telephony
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