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CRM Software for Real Estate Developers in India - Totality Engine

As real estate is continuously evolving, we felt the need to give you a CRM which could evolve along with it. The lead ratings, the cloud telephony solutions, the lead funnelling, media mapping, and reminders on your analytics keep getting better with every passing day. The user interface? Probably the easiest for you or your team to adapt. Automate all your messages at all important touch points, messages or mail your customers all the details you seek. Eventually all of it merges in with our super dashboard where all the data across all marketing and sales touch points gathers at one place. This results in actionable insights, that can help you sell faster, optimise your team efficiencies and optimise your media budgets.

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With a user friendly UX, our app can be customized as per the designs and specifications of your brand.

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