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Marketing Signal
Marketing Signal

Real Estate Integrated ERP Software

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Meet the World’s only Real-Estate focussed AI-Platform to infuse intelligent and intuitive decision-making in every aspect of your sales and marketing value chain. Deploy self-evolving Neural Networks for direct optimization insights across your operations in just 7 secs.

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Prolific Marketing Mix

Marketing Signal churns your real-time sales and marketing data to provide actionable optimization insights across platforms through platform-specific strategy allocation and cross-platform spend assessment.


Soaring Conversion Ratios

Marketing Signal combines 41+ consumer attributes and comprehensive sales funnel data to propose intelligent and real-time marketing strategy updates that produce higher conversion rates.


Superhuman Sales

Marketing Signal blends sales, project, source, and every other performance metric and maps it with executives' performance trends to bring out your A team for each function across the sales funnel.

Marketing Signal

Enhance your Operational Performance with AI

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