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Real Estate CRM Providers in Bangalore

If you are looking for comprehensive CRM software for real estate developers in Bangalore, or any part of the country, TOTALITY’s CRM software can be the ideal solution for you. It is a one-stop solution that lets you run your entire sales and marketing operations from a single interface. You can add or remove features and plug-ins to create the most personalized CRM system that automates all the services you provide at once.

Manage All Leads Smartly

You can convert your CRM system into a structured lead management platform that looks after almost all lead-related processes. Manage all your leads from a single interface where you can look after lead sourcing, analysis, allocation and funneling. As your leads move through the sales funnel, their status is automatically updated, giving you complete lead history with smart reminders. You can automate SMS and emails to leads and customers and also view reports to track leads’ journeys from time to time.

Build Personalized Microsites

As a leading CRM software for real estate providers in Bangalore, we understand the importance of a complete experience that should be given to existing and potential clients to complete their bing journey. For the same, we let you create microsites with personalized images, colors and fonts in preset templates. TOTALITY Engine lets you create simple yet effective microsites and integrate them with 3D virtual tours of properties for every project.

Manage To-do Lists and Tasks

With TOTALITY’s CRM software in Bangalore, you, or your sales and business development teams, can no more miss out on any crucial task as the to-do lists and task manager make your life easier. Our intelligent task manager auto-assigns tasks to various agents and sends timely reminders so that there’s no chance of missing out on tasks. Remain on top of all responsibilities and empower your team to complete all their duties daily with the leading CRM software for real estate developers in Bangalore.

Communicate Efficiently

Being an eminent real estate CRM company in Bangalore, we let you communicate with your prospects and customers in various ways. You can customize and personalize text, email and WhatsApp message templates and automate the whole sending process so that you can communicate well with your existing and potential clients and never miss out on communicating any crucial piece of information or announcement. From a single interface, you can send personalized offers, reminders or provide stellar customer service.

Utilise Cloud Telephony

Another amazing communication tool that our CRM software for real estate developers in Bangalore provides is cloud telephony. Purchase a few numbers for cloud telephony, select the caller names, select between manual or IVR calling and viola! An automated script is available that can make sure that your message is communicated efficiently every time there’s a caller. You also automate the process of mapping and auto-assigning certain numbers to your agents. Each call can be recorded and other details can be viewed in one place.

Monitor Results in Real-Time

All your marketing efforts will go in vain if you don’t have valuable insights and readings of your marketing campaigns with you. Tracking the performance of every marketing strategy is crucial to plan your future steps smartly. TOTALITY’s CRM software for real estate developers in Bangalore provides simple yet powerful project-wise, campaign performance and source-wise reports that you can download on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

So when are you taking a step towards more streamlined real estate functions with TOTALITY’s smart CRM software?