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Real Estate CRM Providers in Chennai

If you are looking for the leading and most reliable real estate CRM providers in Chennai and India, the TOTALITY’s Engine can be your ideal fit. Why? We will tell you everything we have to provide to make your real estate processes more streamlined.

Lead Management

TOTALITY’s Engine is one place where you can track the complete journey of all the leads you get for various projects. As your leads move through the sales funnel, their status is automatically updated, allowing you to visualize real-time lead behavior. Right from lead analysis to sourcing to allocation to even maintaining complete history, Engine takes care of all lead-related steps.

Campaign Management

You can run various campaigns for particular properties right from TOTALITY’s Engine. Create tasks, send intimations and other communication messages, view and track results and do much more - in just a single interface. This tool by the leading real estate CRM providers in Chennai also gives you the real-time efficiency of your campaigns by automatically calculating critical parameters such as CPL (cost per lead), CPSL (cost per site- visit) and CPB (cost per booking). Based on the drawings received from these analytics, you can tweak your future campaign strategies.

To-do Lists and Task Manager

Stay on top of all your tasks as Engine’s smart to-do list and task manager ensures you tick off everything from your task list on a daily basis. Engine ensures that every critical client engagement goes as planned, lets you connect with your prospects regularly, and manages your follow-ups through smart tasks created by you and other team members.

Effortless Microsite Builder

Complement every project you have with an information-rich website. Being a leading real estate CRM company in Chennai and India, we know that providing every bit of crucial information beforehand is essential to entice customers further to purchase properties. That’s why we let you build and customize free microsites for every project and personalize it as per these projects.

Simple and Automated Communication

From the first set of conversations to regular updates and communication, we have got everything covered. You can automate your responses and other communications in the form of SMS, emails and WhatsApp messages. All you have to do is customize your communication templates, and CRM will take care of sending them out as and when the need arises. Engine also lets you make calls manually or via an IVR, and keeps records of all of those calls. Purchase your cloud telephony number, add and refill credits, automate your responses and sit back to see how our CRM works wonders for you.

Workflow Automation

Create a well-defined working system and disciplines that matter the most for your business. Live a tension-free life as TOTALITY allows you to set rules for every possible engagement with prospects. Such rules include presetting process flow chain, custom text, email and WhatsApp message templates and internal triggers that activate its execution.

Don’t worry when you are working with the best real estate CRM providers in Chennai and the whole of India. No matter what CRM-related features we provide, we ensure that your data’s security is of utmost importance to us. TOTALITY is built exclusively on AWS which is equipped with the best-in-class data encryption tools. On top of that, we deploy the latest technologies and metrics to ensure your data remains super secure. This means you don’t have any reason to not start using Engine already!