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Real Estate CRM Providers in Delhi

When it comes to managing and monitoring the process of your entire CRM ecosystem single-handedly, it gets as messed up as Delhi’s Rajiv Chowk Metro Station during rush hours. Lead tracking, follow-ups, timely communication, project updates, data management, employee performance, data analysis and so much more to do! When such days arrive, it is best advised not to test the patience of people from Delhi.

So that’s when we come in, TOTALITY - a CRM software for real estate developers in Delhi! TOTALITY Engine is Delhi’s first-ever CRM system dedicated to the real estate market. We provide smart solutions to marketing, communications, sales, analytical, and logistical aspects under one roof. Let’s find out how!

Lead Mapping

Our tools like funnelling, sourcing, analysis, history, reminders, etc. help you wisely control and map the journey of a lead from a newbie to a customer. This CRM system also aids team performance reports using various integrated touchpoints with filtering flexibility. Track your customer movement AND your employee performance!

Check List Management

TOTALITY Engine is the only CRM Software for real estate in Delhi that notifies the users about their smallest tasks lined up. The automated systems execute pre-determined tasks like client follow-ups, sending out updates or scheduling calls and visits. Bye-bye sticky notes!

AI and ML-led Analysis

Working with large chunks of data is a compelling reason why you need an intelligent system to sort, segregate and present the information in a simpler way to draw efficient conclusions. This information can range from project and performance reports to communication and budget summaries. The MS Excel days are long gone, as our CRM software introduces the real estate developers in Delhi to the virtue of anticipated metaverse.

Microsite Development

When it comes to real estate, each project is unique, and with TOTALITY CRM software for real estate providers in Delhi, you can build a microsite for each and every project of yours. We have ideas and templates ready for you, all you need to do is sign up! A microsite facilitates the entire buying behaviour, from scratch to the final payment including virtual visits.

Campaign Management

Each campaign is unique and distinct depending on the platforms, and all the platforms have disjunct formats of presenting the campaign status. Exploring all these platforms individually to view insights on budgets, status, CPL (cost per lead), CPSL (cost per site- visit) and CPB (cost per booking) is not only monotonous but also time-consuming. To tackle this, TOTALITY CRM software for real estate developers in Delhi introduces a one-stop solution to track the insights and progress of all the campaigns.

Integrated Calling

Calling has never been easy! TOTALITY Engine’s telephonic solutions like credit purchase, IVR systems, integrated call recording systems, cloud telephony numbers brings you a centralized system for the telephonic form of communication. These automated services assist the real estate sales force to supervise each and every conversation which eventually helps map the status of each and every lead in one place.

Efficient Communication

Make use of the technology, freely customise and shuffle the communication process using the workflow automation for each lead individually. Add, remove, or edit emails, WhatsApp messages, SMS or schedules. One single dashboard with an easy to use drag and drop element!

Data Protection

In our reality, privacy and democracy are not myths. Software built for the sole purpose of storing, integrating and presenting masses of data carries the responsibility of securing the same information. TOTALITY Engine as a software carries layers of secured and breach-proof algorithms to ensure the real estate developers’ can focus on cosy flats and not red flags.

In essence, TOTALITY Engine is a platform for centralising all the customer relationship management activities that also aids certain marketing aspects. TOTATILITY adds value to the real estate developers in Delhi as it replaces the time consuming and laborious activities with automated and systematic functions. Please reach out to us for more information.