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Real Estate CRM Providers in Pune

Marketing and planning launches of new real estate projects, catering to clients, planning your Channel partner meet, providing real estate solutions for long-lasting success and so much more - you have to take care of a thousand things daily. What if you got one tool that lets you manage all of these smartly and conveniently? Presenting TOTALITY Engine, your complete real estate CRM provider in India that makes your lives easier and your processes systematic. TOTALITY, one of the pioneering real estate CRM providers in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other major Indian cities, is committed to creating a client-centric, single source of truth within the real estate sector. And TOTALITY Engine is our pride that makes real estate processes structured for Marketing, Pre-Sales, Sales and CRM departments.

What Makes Our Real Estate CRM Outstanding?

As a real estate CRM company in India, we understand all the daily functions and challenges you may have in managing your Leads, Opportunities and Clients. And we are here to ensure that you handle each of those functions effortlessly and efficiently.

Everything At One Place

Our real estate sales CRM software is a highly comprehensive tool that has all the features you can ask for to manage all your multiple projects in one place. Through our CRM services in Bangalore, Chennai and the rest of the country, we let you manage all your daily functions, right from managing all leads to controlling multiple campaigns to handling all your to-do lists.

Data Security At All Times

Don’t worry when you are working with the best real estate CRM providers in Mumbai, North or South India. We use the latest and smartest encryption tool to ensure a high degree of security of your data. From contact details to requirements, all sorts of information about your leads, clients and channel partners will remain safe within our real estate CRM tool.

Diverse Communication Options

From the first set of conversations to regular updates and communication, we have got everything covered. You can automate your responses and other communications in the form of SMS, emails and WhatsApp messages. All you have to do is customise your communication templates, and CRM will take care of sending them out as and when the need arises.

Multiple Microsites For You

One of the many features we provide through CRM services in Delhi and beyond includes the full power of creating multiple personalised microsites that highlight all the key features and details about distinct projects. So whenever you have a new project, create a microsite dedicated to it and collect unique lead details.

Manage Everything Of All Calls

We don’t just let you make calls to your leads and customers; we also let you record and manage them, all in one place. Choose between IVR or human calls, purchase a dedicated cloud phone number, view details and history of each call, assign callbacks to your agents and a lot more, just using our cloud telephony solution.

Get Complete Analytical Reports

Back all your business strategies with solid numbers. Track & check the success of every sales strategy, campaign and even microsites made through download daily, weekly and monthly reports. The AI and ML-led data analytics help you make the right decisions and tweak your strategies from time to time.

It’s time to discover newer avenues of digitising and streamlining real estate-related processes with one of the best CRM providers in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and North India. Discover exceptional ways to redefine the way you cater to your clients. Talk to us to explore more synergies.

Other Customisable Tools For Realtors To Improve Customer Experience:


RePeople is a one-of-its-kind semi-white label application from the house of TOTALITY. RePeople is a one-stop iOS and Android application for Real Estate Developers to serve their customers. Its unique multi-step smart and automatic gratification referral program is the key USP. The referral program is customisable and the most economical way of gratifying the torchbearers of the brand.

Explore more about RePeople.

Virtual Runway

It is a single unified interface for anything and everything that a customer might need to understand before booking with you. Virtual Runway is the world’s first, state-of-art technology to help Realtors enable a first-of-its-kind digital site-visit experience to your customers, thereby revolutionising the way lead generation and authentication happens through increased website traffic visit and a seamless experience of understanding your project details before paying the booking amount.

The platform is powered by technology providing your prospects and your sales teams with –

1. Visual Technology – to help you get prospect data through informative and content-driven websites, and enable handshake between your prospects and your sales team

2. Transactional Technology – to help your sales team reach out to the qualified prospects, and engage with otherwise lost leads, improving your site visit conversion ratio.

Explore more about Virtual Runway.