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Real Estate CRM Company In Chennai

It's time to create a CRM software that meets all your exclusive business requirements and is as personalized for your business as it can be. If you are looking for comprehensive CRM software for real estate developers in Chennai, or any part of the country, TOTALITY’s CRM software can be the ideal solution for you.

TOTALITY Engine is a one-stop solution that streamlines complete functions of customer management and business marketing in one place. There's so much TOTALITY Engine provides in one place - everything that adds productivity and efficiency to real estate processes.

Combine Projects With Their Microsites

Another interesting thing about the TOTALITY Engine is that it lets you create customized microsites for every project you own. By letting you customize the look and feel of these microsites, we ensure that the web pages reflect the essence of your projects. Not just that; you can embed virtual tours of the nook and corner of projects and add online booking and payment platforms that collectively help in providing an overall viewing and booking experience to potential customers.

Access In-depth Analytics

If you are running marketing campaigns for various properties you have but still not gaining valuable results, there must be a problem with your strategies. And in order to identify where the problem is, you must get valuable insights into the results. Luckily, our CRM software for real estate in Chennai lets you access complete in-depth information about everything you do. You can track and download daily, weekly and monthly reports of various sales executives, all the campaigns you run and every individual project you own. Accordingly, you can then plan and tweak your future strategies.

Manage All Leads Smartly

You can convert your CRM system into a structured lead management platform that looks after almost all lead-related processes. Manage all your leads from a single interface where you can look after lead sourcing, analysis, allocation and funneling. As your leads move through the sales funnel, their status is automatically updated, giving you complete lead history with smart reminders. You can automate SMS and emails to leads and customers and also view reports to track leads’ journeys from time to time.

Manage To-do Lists and Tasks

With TOTALITY’s CRM software in Chennai, you, or your sales and business development teams, can no more miss out on any crucial task as the to-do lists and task manager make your life easier. Our intelligent task manager auto-assigns tasks to various agents and sends timely reminders so that there’s no chance of missing out on tasks. Remain on top of all responsibilities and empower your team to complete all their duties daily with the leading CRM software for real estate developers in Chennai.

Communicate With Partners Efficiently

Being an eminent real estate CRM company in Bangalore, we let you communicate with your prospects and customers in various ways. You can customize and personalize text, email and WhatsApp message templates and automate the whole sending process so that you can communicate well with your existing and potential clients and never miss out on communicating any crucial piece of information or announcement. Another amazing communication tool that our CRM software for real estate developers in Bangalore provides is cloud telephony. Purchase a few numbers for cloud telephony, select the caller names, select between manual or IVR calling and viola!

It’s time to embrace a smarter way of streamlining your real estate functions with an efficient CRM. It’s time for the TOTALITY Engine.