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Real Estate CRM Company In Delhi

It all starts with misplaced pieces of data. An inefficient data management system is the one with a lethargic heap that snowballs into a big pile of data dump that eventually needs extra efforts to be sorted out, let alone interpreting it or drawing insightful conclusions out of it. This scenario is the current reality of the real estate industry. Hence, the only real estate CRM providers in Delhi are here to the rescue! Presenting TOTALITY Engine, an intelligent information control system to reinforce every possible real estate data and communications aspect in Delhi. Now let us answer some questions to confirm why you need the TOTALITY Engine.

How Do You Manage Your Leads?

Right from the moment a lead knocks on our door, they need to be taken care of with punctual updates and communication. How do you do it? TOTALITY Engine is a better choice compared to MS Excel.

TOTALITY Engine makes use of today’s advanced algorithms to ensure our users can track a lead’s movement at any given moment. We provide the tools to make updates, schedule visits, customise messages, track employee performance, and a lot more!

Do You Meet All Of Your To-Do Tasks?

While dealing with large pieces of data simultaneously, managing all the checklists is quite a task. How do YOU manage it? The TOTALITY Engine users receive every minute notifications, automated assignments, integrated task management systems and many other features to ensure they don’t miss out on important assignments! When it comes to targeted tasks, going manual isn’t the best idea.

What Are Your Data Analysis Tools?

The purpose of data is to draw conclusions out of it, and the quality of data interpretation depends a lot on how it is presented. How do you visualise your data? Human efforts should go on drawing insights out of data and not on its presentation. Automated systems using advanced AI and ML tools are the best solutions when it comes to smart data visualisation as they employ colour, pictures, charts and music-based instruments. That is exactly what we provide in TOTALITY, a CRM Software for Real Estate Developers in Delhi.

How Does Each Of Your Projects Appear Unique?

One single website cannot accommodate everything, each project is distinct and needs an exclusive identity. To aid this, the only real estate CRM provider in Delhi brings microsites to the table. How does it help? An entire website represents one single project while ensuring a seamless process of converting a lead into a customer. Be it payments, virtual visits, or bookings, everything is just a matter of a few clicks.

How Do You Manage Your Campaigns?

How do you manage to track your campaign performance across various platforms? No real estate CRM providers in Delhi have figured out what we provide at TOTALITY - a unified dashboard that tracks and reveals the status of all your campaigns in one place. Efficient mapping of detailed parameters like CPL (cost per lead), CPSL (cost per site visit) and CPB (cost per booking) on an integrated database enable you to redesign or discard the relevant campaigns.

How Does Your Calling System Work?

Telephonic communication is one of the integral elements of the sales arm, how does your work? The advancement of cloud systems is what we work with. TOTALITY Engine is a fully automated cloud telephonic system that explores and caters for every corner of the calling concept. TOTALITY is the first-ever CRM Software for real estate in Delhi that delivers IVR systems, call recording features, credit purchase and auto assigning.

How Do You Customise Your Communication?

How do you manage to send specifically customised communication to a diverse customer base? Our CRM software for real estate providers in Delhi enables the use of automation to improve your lead communication process. TOTALITY Engine assists you to create a predetermined guide for every possible prospect interaction. Presetting process flow chains, custom text, email, and WhatsApp message templates, and internal triggers that activate its execution are examples of such guides. When the preset communications are activated, they are sent directly to your prospects.

Is Your Data Safe?

Are your current platforms keeping your data safe? There is a lot of responsibility that comes with having a lot of data. TOTALITY Engine is built entirely on AWS, which is outfitted with the best data encryption tools available. On top of that, we use cutting-edge technologies and metrics to keep your data safe. You can rely on us to keep your information secure.

Everything boils down to the need for a smarter and faster system of data management. A tech-supported system with a seamless process eventually affects the overall effectiveness of organisational decisions. Do reach out to us right away to get your own access to TOTALITY Engine, a leading CRM software for real estate developers in Delhi.