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Real Estate CRM Company In Pune

It's time to create a CRM software that meets all your exclusive business requirements and is as personalised for your business as it can be. And you can turn to TOTALITY as we are very well known as a real estate CRM company in Pune for crafting the most functional CRM systems for real estate brands in Pune & India as well.

We create cloud-based SaaS CRM software that solve all your real estate function-related worries. TOTALITY Engine, our single unified real estate CRM software is Pune's top-performing cloud-based real estate software and lets you run your entire sales and marketing operations from a single interface. You can add or remove features and plug-ins to create the most personalised CRM system that automates all the services you provide at once.

All The Features That Make An Efficient CRM Software For Builders In Pune

Lead Sourcing and Analysis

You can convert your CRM system into a structured lead management platform that lets you integrate all major online and offline lead generation touchpoints. Using features like lead funnelling, sourcing and allocation, you can ensure a systematic flow and work for all leads coming through different sources. The system also lets you send surveys, reminders, alerts and notifications at various stages of the lead’s journey, everything from the TOTALITY Engine itself.

Automated Communication

Being an eminent real estate CRM company in Pune, we let you communicate with your prospects and customers in various ways. Upon activation, you can send the template-based preset communications to the right people through email, SMS and WhatsApp messages that are essential in the lead nurturing process.

To-Do List and Task Manager

Create countless to-do lists and tasks and assign them to agents and other people so that nobody misses out on a deadline or a crucial follow-up. Remain on top of all responsibilities and empower your team to complete all their duties daily by adding this smart feature.

No-code Website Builder

One of the best real estate CRM solutions in Pune is the one that lets you create a CRM system that stands out from the crowd. TOTALITY Engine lets you create simple yet effective microsites and integrate them with virtual site-visits for every distinct project. Personalise your microsites with fonts, colours, images and details that align with your projects.

Helpful Cloud Telephony

You can integrate a calling system within your CRM system that works on a credit system. Add credits, add numbers, select between IVR or manual calls and set up a system that makes it easier for you to stay in touch with your customers. You also automate the process of mapping and auto-assigning certain numbers to your agents. Each call can be recorded and other details can be viewed in one place.

Smart Data Analysis

Totality CRM software for real estate developers in Pune allows you to get data-rich reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis by automatically calculating critical parameters such as CPL (cost per lead), CPSL (cost per site-visit), CPB (cost per booking) and much more. From all the campaigns you run to complete sales and pre-sales to details of every individual project, you can access AI and ML-led in-depth analytics and plan your future strategies accordingly.

Cutting-edge design, robust training methodology and an in-depth understanding of key real estate industry principles have led to TOTALITY being trusted as one of the top real estate sales CRM software in Pune and across India.