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Real Estate Human Resource Management System - Humin

Are your HR functions still manual? It is time you bring automation into your HR operations. Right from attendance tracking and leave management to salary slips updates, this is your one-stop-shop to manage everything. If you have a team on the field, track their efficiencies and location in real-time. Humin also provides transparent travel reimbursements tracking. For instance, after any work related travel, your employees can upload the photo of the bill or transport fare meter and you can track if the travel made was genuine or not. Many such small errands, which cause a trust deficit among the team members, can be easily resolved with Humin. It is a vital tool for every startup and corporate. On top of it, by linking your HR operations via TOTALITY, it helps you calculate your ROI or customer acquisition cost in an efficient manner.

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With a user friendly UX, our app can be customized as per the designs and specifications of your brand.

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