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Real Estate Marketing Referral System Providers in Bangalore

We all strive hard to acquire new clients; clients that generate revenue for the long term. You may largely rely on the usual methods of lead generation like running online ads and turning to social media. But one of the most attractive scopes you might be missing out on is referrals. Your existing partners are the best sources to bring more business to you. You just have to start an amazing referral program and spread the word across to get your partners excited. All you need is to be in constant touch with them and efficient real estate marketing referral system providers in Bangalore to acknowledge all the leads you get through your customers.

If you are looking for a reliable real estate marketing referral system that lets you manage referrals while making your life much easier, Repeople by TOTALITY can be your best fit. With so many benefits to offer, Repeople is nothing less than a real estate referral boon for builders and developers.

Create Newer Ways of Generating Leads

If you are new to the whole world of referrals in the real estate sector, then Repeople will definitely introduce you to the unique way of lead generation. Our app-based system works on customer engagement and delight that helps you maintain healthy relations with your customer base and motivate them to get you more and more referrals and gain profits for themselves. By providing referrals to your customer base, you can expect a whole new stream of potential clients.

Manage Your Referral Campaigns Entirely

Repeople by TOTALITY provides all referral-based services, right from referral system marketers to real estate loyalty management providers in Bangalore. You can completely automate all your referral campaigns so that the smart system takes care of all the referrals coming from various clients and allotting the right kind of rewards for them. All you have to do is feed in data about your customers and rewards for each type of referral.

Makes Reward Allocation and Redemption Easier

When working with prominent real estate agent referral system providers in Bangalore like Repeople, you don’t have to worry about how and where your customers will make the most of their redeemable points. Repeople collaborates with the best brands such as Amazon, Jabong, Croma, Max, Lifestyle, and many more, so that your customer is never short of options. Moreover, the redemption of rewards is so simple, your partners won’t have to stress even a bit. Also, you as well as your partners can view the complete reward gaining and redemption history regularly to be in the know.

Lastly, if your channel partners have any issues related to the referrals or their rewards, Repeople enables you to actively contain and resolve all customer complaints directly through an automated or manual redressal system. Its multi-escalation feature ensures that you are aware of all pending grievances which automatically pushes for timely resolution and proactive communication by the concerned teams. You can even reopen past grievances if necessary or view full history from time to time. Isn’t Repeople simply great when it comes to the real estate marketing referral system in Bangalore?