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Real Estate Marketing Referral System Providers in Chennai

Have you ever thought of referrals as your option of lead generation? If not, it’s time to do it now. The channel partners you have been working with for a long time already know in and out about your business offerings and the projects you handle. So they can bring the right kind of leads to you, who you can trust and gain profits from. But to ensure that you get quality leads through referrals, you must invest in valuable strategies and work with reputed real estate marketing referral system providers in Chennai who can help you keep your partners closer to you.

It’s time to capitalize on word-of-mouth publicity that works in your favor for a long time. Repeople by TOTALITY can be the ideal app-based referral system that not only lets you establish consistent brand recall but also lets you reward your partners for getting referral leads.

What Can You Expect From TOTALITY’s Real Estate Marketing Referral System Providers in Chennai?

Create Profiles Eligible For Referral Rewards

The first step to efficient real estate referral system management is defining who the eligible people for the referral program will be. Customize user roles and permissions as per your organizational structure. You can create as many roles and permissions as you want without ever needing our intervention.

Manage Complete Referral System & Gratification

TOTALITY’s Repeople lets you make the most of referral rewards that act as a perfect catalyst for establishing strong customer relationships. Through one platform, you can define and handle all rewards for all the users you have defined. You can completely automate all your referral campaigns so that the smart system takes care of all the referrals coming from various clients and allotting the right kind of rewards for them.

Take Care of Reward Redemption

Once the allocation of rewards is done as per every sale, your channel partners don’t have to worry about redemption. Repeople collaborates with the best brands such as Amazon, Jabong, Croma, Max, Lifestyle, and many more, so that your customer is never short of options. Also, you as well as your partners can view the complete reward gaining and redemption history regularly to be in the know.

Handle Complete Lead & Project Management

TOTALITY’s referral program also enables you to manage all your leads in one place and measure the overall efficiency of your marketing mix. Repeople also allows for easy 3rd party integration with other CRMs to minimize any discomfort at your end. Get an overview of all the referral-based business with timelines of projects, communication with various parties, upgrades to your sites, tracking payment mode and summary, document vault of customers and so much more in one place.

Tackle All Grievances Smartly

The job of our real estate marketing referral system providers in Chennai goes much beyond getting leads and rewarding customers. If your channel partners have any queries or complaints related to the referral program or their reward redemption, you can handle all of it through the comprehensive grievance management platform. Its multi-escalation feature ensures that you are aware of all pending grievances which automatically pushes for timely resolution and proactive communication by the concerned teams.

Repeople by TOTALITY is the best referral-related tool you can ask to generate leads like never before and gain business from trusted people who your business connections already trust. So when are you switching to a better way of running your real estate business?