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Real Estate Marketing Referral System Providers in Delhi

A positive review from a delighted customer has as much potential to generate convertible leads as any other advanced marketing tool. Hence, in order to efficiently exploit the utility of word of mouth, the leading real estate marketing referral system providers in Delhi introduce - Repeople.

The idea behind Repeople is as simple as it can get, incentivising your channel partners for the amount of business they can bring you. The channel partners work with your industry close enough to have an inside out knowledge about your product making them the perfect choice of people required to talk about what you offer. Hence, Repeople makes the best tool to systematically execute the entire process of your word of mouth marketing on an automated platform.

So what are the exact features that you can find in Repeople, the leading real estate marketing referral system in Delhi?

Control Your Referral Campaigns

From referral system marketers to real estate loyalty management providers in Delhi, Repeople by TOTALITY delivers all referral-based services. You may completely automate all of your referral campaigns so that the clever system handles all of the recommendations from different clients and assigns the appropriate rewards. All you have to do is input information about your consumers and the benefits you want to offer them for different types of referrals.

Ensure Seamless Reward Redemption

Repeople partners with the best brands in the industry, including Amazon, Jabong, Croma, Max, Lifestyle, and many others, to ensure that your customers never run out of choices. You and your partners can also check the whole award gaining and redemption history on a regular basis to stay informed. Your channel partners won't have to worry about redemption once the rewards are assigned to each transaction.

Operate On Leads Wisely

You maintain complete influence over all referral-based leads. Repeople's standard interface with TOTALITY allows you to manage all of your leads in one place and track the total effectiveness of your marketing mix. Repeople also provides for simple 3rd-party connectivity with other CRMs, reducing your workload.

Organise Projects Effortlessly

Our real estate marketing referral system company in Delhi does a lot more than just generate leads and reward clients. Get a true overview of all your referral-based business, involving time limits, communication with various parties, site visits, payment mode and summary tracking, customer document vaults, and much more, all in one spot.

Meet ERP Management System

Repeople is designed to interface with the majority of commercial ERP systems enabling its use to the maximum capacity. This enables you to access data directly from your ERP, allowing for selective and need-based access for all users while avoiding unwanted security flaws. Basically, our ERP systems harbour all the cost related data.

Manage Grievances Efficiently

An efficient system is one that resolves customer complaints as soon as possible. Using Repeople, install a closed in-house grievance redressal system to increase consumer trust and brand loyalty. Repeople gives you the ability to actively manage and handle all client complaints through your own dashboard. Its multi-escalation function keeps you informed about all pending complaints, prompting speedy resolution and proactive communication from the relevant teams.

Add smart work to your hard work. Make use of the automated software functions of the leading real estate marketing referral system providers in Delhi.