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Real Estate Site Visit Management Software in Bangalore

No matter what site-visit related services you are looking for, features of our premier tool like Virtual Runway by TOTALITY can meet all your expectations and fill need gaps. TOTALITY is the leading real estate site visit management company in Bangalore and India that understands all the issues you may have in a typical day of being a real estate developer and caters to all of them, thus making life much easy and functions manageable for you.

Here’s a list of all the comprehensive services we provide as part of the real estate site-visit management module:

Virtual Site Visit Management

If you are wondering how will you take care of all the site-related functions of multiple projects you have, you don’t have to worry anymore. Being one of the best real estate site visit providers in Bangalore, we have made lives easier for realtors across the country. Using our comprehensive site visit management tool, you can take control of all your projects and inventories, right from automating the sales process to providing virtual site visits.

Inventory Management

You no more have to keep track of the number of homes sold or unoccupied in various projects you have. The leading real estate site visit management company in Bangalore brings complete data of all the units or inventory in one place. Right from automating the sold/booked status to keeping track of the channel partner who sold every inventory, our smart tool provides a complete database together.

Virtual 3D Walkthrough

Nothing is better than letting your customers view your projects and every inventory in real-time. TOTALITY’s real estate site visit management service in Bangalore lets you do exactly that! This saves time for all the parties as you can offer virtual tours of properties that customers can view and decide if they wish to move ahead in the process of home buying or look at other real estate alternatives.

Online Booking System

Your potential customers' minds can change any time, and being one of the top real estate experts and real estate site visit management companies in Bangalore and India, we know that. Hence, along with the virtual tour of various sites, we also add a feature of online booking to our module. If interested, potential customers and channel partners handling leads can immediately book an inventory right after viewing and exploring it. The process after this can be taken care of through various means later.

Payment Gateway

With added features like payment gateway and e-bookings, we provide you with the option to streamline your sales in one place and make the entire process simpler for you as well as your leads. Add a payment gateway to the system to complete your customer's online journey on TOTALITY's site visit system and increase your chances of sales. You can facilitate easier and quicker decision-making for your clients.

CRM Integration

Apart from these, you can also integrate 3rd party CRM tolls (selected ones) to make the software even more comprehensive and streamlined. This means that you can make the most of this CRM's features and see how the combination takes over your real estate functions smartly.

Our real estate site visit management software lets you list the site specifications of multiple projects, availability, pricing, offers and any other announcements with ease.