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Real Estate Site Visit Management Software in Chennai

If visiting every single real estate property every time there's a new site inspection scheduled isn't possible for you, the option of virtual site visit management is the ideal option for you. A virtual site visit has very similar goals, and may even look quite similar to an in-person site visit, with one obvious exception: the home inspection takes place in a virtual manner. For a successful meeting every time, all you need is a trusted real estate site visit management company in Chennai to rely on.

TOTALITY is India's first company to introduce smart ways of real estate site visit management in Chennai and all across the country. And our site visit platform is known to solve countless processes for builders, developers and channel partners.

What Do You Get From TOTALITY'S Real Estate Site Visit Management Company in Chennai?

Virtual Site Visits For All Projects

TOTALITY’s site visit management platform lets you wow prospects by setting up an immersive and interactive 3D walkthrough of your projects, right from your TOTALITY dashboard. Convert them into scheduled site visits or direct online bookings.

Details Of Every Project in One Place

Our real estate site visit management software in Chennai lets you list the site specifications of multiple projects, availability, pricing, offers and any other announcements with ease on individual microsites. Yes, you can create microsites for each of your projects for free and personalize them as per your projects while adding all sorts of crucial information.

Reduced Need for Logistics Management

When we say virtual site visits and managing processes online, we mean eliminating the need for looking after logistics and other essentials. TOTALITY’s site visit management tool provides complete information about all the inventories in all of your projects. That means you can view the sold/booked status of inventories of each project and also track the source of inventory booking.

Online Booking Platform

You can definitely provide separate microsites for various projects, add every bit of detail on them and also add the feature of 3D immersive virtual tours of your inventory. But another smart way to complete the buying decision of your customers and increase business for yourself is to add an online payment gateway right on the website. This way, interested potential customers can take a step towards buying a property without any hassle.

Complete Device Responsiveness

Make your site visits compatible with all the latest device types. Our real estate site visit management app creates 3D immersive dimensions that are functional and accessible from all types of devices. Never miss out on your clients and cater to them on every latest device.

In-depth Analytics and Reports

Being a leading real estate site visit management provider in Chennai, we know that if you don’t have valuable results for your strategies, all of your efforts can go to waste. Hence, we provide in-depth AI-led analytics that gives you project- and source-wise details on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

So in two words, what do you get from TOTALITY'S real estate site visit management company in Chennai? It's "satisfaction and efficiency". If you wish to make the most of your site visits and make things much easier for your real estate business, it's time to start using our site visit management software in Chennai or anywhere in India.