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Real Estate Site Visit Management Software in Delhi

If you are struggling to make the right decisions while handling multiple sites and projects and ensuring you are on top of all the processes, then TOTALITY is here to make processes simpler and much more efficient. We provide complete site visit management assistance through our tools and services that look after all the site visit processes. Being an all-service real estate site visitor management company in Delhi, we understand anything and everything that can bring tough times for your business. And hence, our smart services help our clients to tackle any challenges.

Complete Record-Keeping of Physical Site Visits

If you wish to keep track of all the physical site visits to ensure that you don't miss out on anything, TOTALITY has got you covered. You can authenticate and digitize all customer interactions at physical site-visits. Right from every contact detail of potential customers to record-keeping of all the discussions, TOTALITY lets you do all of that.

3D Immersive Tours of Properties

To overcome various challenges of physical, in-person site visits, we introduce the feature of virtual site visits. Through this, you can provide complete 3D, immersive and interactive virtual tours of every property. You can make the most of zoomed in and out as well as the bird-eye view features to let your potential clients explore every nook and corner of projects.

Streamlined Inventory Management

You no more have to keep track of the number of homes sold or unoccupied in various projects you have. The leading real estate site visit management provider in Delhi brings complete data of all the units or inventory in one place. Right from automating the sold/booked status to keeping track of the channel partner who sold every inventory, our smart tool provides a complete database together.

Site-visit Feature To Your Website

TOTALITY lets you take full control of real estate site visit management in Delhi and beyond. And for the same, we let you create unique websites for individual projects that have all bits of information and 3D walkthroughs in one place. For every virtual walkthrough you create for distinct projects, you can add them on individual websites and microsites to provide a complete experience to your online visitors and leads.

Effortless Sales and Payment Automation

Isn't it easy and efficient to access information, view properties in real-time but virtually and have the option to show interest or book a property in one place? Being the leading real estate site visit management company in Delhi, we let you do that. With added features like payment gateway and e-bookings, you can streamline your sales in one place and make the entire process simpler for you as well as your leads.

Complete Device Responsiveness

If all these amazing features aren't available on various different devices, then you are wasting a lot of effort and hard work. That's why TOTALITY is completely accessible and usable on all the devices. Our real estate site visit management app creates 3D immersive dimensions that are functional and accessible from all types of devices. Never miss out on your clients and cater to them on every latest device.

Managing site visits, that too for multiple projects at once, was never this easy! And now, it's your time to explore this efficient and streamlined method of working.