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Real Estate Site Visit Management Software in Pune

When you have multiple site-visits to handle and several other operations of many projects to take care of, don’t get bogged down. Choose efficiency, choose smartness. Choose only the best to manage site-visits of all your projects. Opt for a premier tool like Virtual Runway by TOTALITY, a proptech and real estate site visit management company in Pune & beyond.

Virtual Runway, our real estate site visit management app in Pune provides a virtual inspection tool that lets you offer virtual site-visits of all the projects you have. Virtual 3D site-visits and walkthroughs is a unique concept, and our platform is the world’s first platform that lets people discover real estate projects in and out in real-time. Exploring projects isn’t the only thing; we provide additional features like inventory management and an online booking system.

What To Expect With Our Real Estate Site Visit Management Software In Pune?

  • A Complete View Of Properties - Facilitate a 3D walkthrough tour of every nook and corner of your properties. Make the most of zoomed in and out as well as the bird-eye view features to explore projects.
  • Add Details Of Every Project - Our real estate site visit management software lets you list the site specifications of multiple projects, availability, pricing, offers and any other announcements with ease.
  • Complete Device Responsiveness - Our real estate site visit management app creates 3D immersive dimensions that are functional and accessible from all types of devices. Never miss out on your clients and cater to them on every latest device.
  • Automate And Boost Sales - With added features like payment gateway and e-bookings, you can streamline your sales in one place and make the entire process simpler for you as well as your leads.
  • No Logistics Involved - When we say virtual site-visits and managing processes online, we mean eliminating the need for looking after logistics and other essentials. You can also opt for inventory management as and when required to reduce any confusion.
  • On-demand Booking Platform - To further increase and streamline your sales and quicken buying behaviour, you can integrate an additional feature using our comprehensive booking platform that lets people take an action right after the demo.
  • Add Site-visit Feature To Your Website - For every virtual walkthrough you create for distinct projects, you can add them on individual websites and microsites to provide a complete experience to your online visitors and leads.

So no matter where your site is, you can market your projects to the right target market, present virtual site-visits in high definition and real-time view and encourage queries and sales from them through a credible and effective real estate site visit management software in Pune. Being an all-service real estate site visitor management company in Pune, we understand anything and everything that can bring tough times for your business. And hence, through Virtual Runway, we rid you of all those challenges and add more ease of work to your business functions.