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Real Estate Virtual Site Visit System in Chennai

What’s better than visiting several real estate properties in person after spending time traveling? Viewing and inspecting those virtually. More and more meetings and real estate site visits are now happening virtually, and all of it saves time and resources for all the parties involved. When talking about virtual site visits, we don’t mean usual tours on video calling software. We mean completely immersive 3D virtual tours that let you provide an overview of your projects in first-person view. If you wish to make the most of these virtual tours, you should avail yourself of real estate virtual site visit system services in Chennai by a trusted company, like TOTALITY.

TOTALITY’s Virtual Runway is an amazing tool that lets your potential and existing clients view all the inventories you have in the most compelling and interesting way. Imagine viewing properties and every nook and corner of them in a 360° bird-eye view. That’s exactly what our Virtual Runway lets you provide to your customers.

Here’s Everything Else Our Real Estate Virtual Site Visit System Services in Chennai Provides:

Comprehensive Dashboard

Virtual Runway offers an all-inclusive dashboard that lets you view, manage and monitor multiple listings and leads in one place. So no matter what you are looking for about virtual site visits of your properties, a single dashboard can provide you with all of it so that you don’t have to go about at different places. Not just that, you can also keep track of date wise performances of all your marketing tactics and different properties.

Selective Project Access

Site visits are a whole world of experiences to be given to your potential and existing clients. And being the leading real estate virtual runway system provider in Chennai, we know that not everyone can have access to these site visits. Hence, through Virtual Runway, we let you choose who should have access to various projects and properties. We let you offer access to limitless sales managers for group or one-on-one tours.

Customized Microsite Creation

A virtual site visit experience is complete when your potential customers can find complete information about every project in one place. Virtual Runway lets you create and personalize websites and microsites that are solely designated for every single project. This is where you can put complete details about projects, amenities, costing, etc., while also embedding 3D tours of the property.

Online Booking and Payment Option

You can also add online booking and payment options on these microsites to ensure that people take an action right after viewing properties and inventories in real-time. This feature automates sales, thanks to aspects like precise payment gateways, e-bookings and integrated post-sales processes. This way, you can ensure that people can book the property of their choice well in advance, even before visiting the property physically.

Control of All Inventories

Virtual Runway also provides one place where you can view the status of all the properties. Right from the dashboard, you can view how many inventories were sold or booked, and how many are still vacant. You can also keep track of all the sources these sales were made so that you can capitalize more on certain sources or run referral campaigns.

Virtual Runway is the best tool you can make the most of in your real estate business as it solves several purposes. Whether you aren’t available in the city or there are too many properties to handle and too little staff, visual site visits overcome all of those challenges by providing the most personalized 3D virtual tours.