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Real Estate Virtual Site Visit System in Delhi

The real estate industry is a lot of an on-field business. Client meetings, site visits, token payments, bookings, etc. And there always have been geographical constraints with regard to site visits. How would it be like to work with it in a digital approach? Yes, it is possible. The only real estate virtual site visit system in Delhi and India introduces Virtual Runway.

Virtual Runway is a comprehensive virtual site visit management system that enables real estate developers to manage the entire process of visits and sales by having it integrated on a unified virtual dashboard.

Integrated Bookings And Payment Systems

Our Virtual Runway systems enable home buyers to make their bookings and payments online. Making complete use of today’s digital payment systems, we ensure a comfortable and safe protocol for making bulky payments within a matter of seconds from any corner of the globe. The same goes with the process of bookings - pick a home and reserve it for yourself in a few clicks!

Inventory Tracking

The developers find it a little difficult to keep a count and constantly update the status of sales, bookings, site visits and follow-ups. To aid these issues, the leading virtual site visit system providers in Delhi present a revolutionising data management system that provides all the numbers and updates on one single portal where every piece of data is available within a few clicks.

Virtual Site Visits

The most significant product of the Virtual Runway is the virtual site visits. We successfully eliminate the hassle of long-distance travel for on-site visits. With our virtual site visits, the buyers have access to a first-of-its-kind immersive and interactive 3D walkthrough experience. Our virtual visits present each and every centimetre of the property with maximum magnification that is as real as an on-site visit. The idea behind virtual site visits rectify the loopholes and ensure a comfortable ecosystem for both the buyers and the developers.

Access to Specific Projects

Site visits open up a whole new realm of experiences for your potential and present customers. As the leading real estate Virtual Runway system supplier in Delhi, we understand that these site visits are not available to everyone. As a result, using Virtual Runway, you can pick who has access to certain projects and properties. For group or one-on-one excursions, we give you access to an unlimited number of sales managers.

Microsite Embedment

The real estate developers are enabled to embed all these processes on their microsite which also becomes a one-stop destination for all the buyers for executing their bookings, site visits and payments. Virtual Runway allows you to construct and personalise one-of-a-kind websites and microsites for each project. This way the buyers need not search for their project of interest among so many others.

Virtual Runway is on its way to literally revolutionise the entire real estate industry by simplifying monotonous operational and data management processes. For more information, contact us now!