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Real Estate Virtual Site Visit System in Pune

Life becomes much easier when you have a real estate virtual runway system to streamline all your site-visits, queries, bookings and other processes. TOTALITY is here to empower all Builders, Developers, Channel Partners, Sales and Marketing teams in the real estate sector in Pune with a miraculous real estate virtual runway system service. With a long list of features and real estate virtual runway system services in Pune, you can increase your productivity and sales by several times for all your new and existing real estate projects in Pune.

Everything Included In Our Virtual Runway Tool For Real Estate Developers In Pune

Virtual Walkthroughs Of Properties/Projects

Needless to say, the foremost and most valuable service is the 3D immersive virtual site-visits. You can provide your clients with a detailed walkthrough and inspection of various projects you have in the most personalised way. Provide a comprehensive 360° bird-eye view of every nook and corner of your properties so that your leads and customers can explore every party of properties in and out without actually visiting the space personally.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Virtual Runway offers an all-inclusive dashboard that lets you view, manage and monitor multiple listings and leads in one place. You can keep track of all the site bookings and website visits to track the number of interests shown in your projects. Not just that, you can also keep track of date wise performances of all your marketing tactics and different properties to understand what’s working well for you and what isn’t.

Complete Charge Of Tours

You can decide who you want to give access to when it comes to virtual site-visits and tours. As part of our real estate virtual runway system in Pune, we let you offer access to limitless sales managers for group or one-on-one tours. You can add, replace or remove these sales managers as and when necessary based on the upscaling or downscaling of your business needs.

Embedding Tours On Websites

Complete every user’s experience by integrating the virtual site-visit feature on your websites and project microsites. Your potential customers can get all sorts of information as well as take a virtual tour of a property, all in one place. This helps customers to take action and increases the chances of sales or query calls by 5x.

Take Control Of Inventory

This is the most unique feature provided by very few real estate virtual runway system providers in Pune. Take control of your digital properties by managing inventories in real-time. Let your clients check which inventory or homes are available for them. Help your team keep track of all the booked, blocked and available inventory to keep track of the sales as well.

Integrate A Booking Platform

If needed, you can opt for a booking platform feature on your websites and microsites along with the virtual site-visit to facilitate easier and quicker decision-making for your clients. This feature automates sales, thanks to aspects like precise payment gateways, e-bookings and integrated post-sales processes.

If you are looking for a real estate virtual runway system in Pune, then talk to us. TOTALITY is a one-stop solution to all your real-estate CRM and sales management needs.