Channel Partner Accelerator

CPA by Totality is a technology platform that enables Channel Partners to amplify their business potential. It is a unified interface to launch and optimise marketing campaigns, build listing portals, manage lead funnels, expand partner networks and much more.

Through CPA, Channel Partners can maximise the output of their network by deploying effortless and measurable collaborations. A quantifiable view of their performance on each project also assists in strengthening relationships with the developer community.

Channel Partner Accelerator

Lead Management

Manage all your leads from a single interface where all major online and offline lead funnels are seamlessly integrated. As your leads move through the sales funnel, their status is automatically updated, allowing you to visualise the real-time performance of your marketing channels and sales processes.

  • Lead Funneling
  • Lead Sourcing
  • Lead History
  • Lead Allocation
  • Smart Reminder
  • Lead Analysis
  • Team Performance Report
  • Inbuilt SMS/Email Notification to Lead
Lead Management

No-code Website Builder

Experience the power of building your own microsite, FOR FREE!

Choose a template, drag and drop creative content and fill in your project details. Just three simple steps and VOILA! Your website is ready.

  • Template Selection
  • Website Theme Options
  • Fonts & Color Options
  • Add Images & Content
  • Project Details
  • Upload Data
CMS Driven Website Builder

Campaign Management

Experience the magic of advanced campaign management. TOTALITY gives you the real-time efficiency of your campaigns by automatically calculating critical parameters such as CPL (cost per lead), CPSL (cost per site-visit) and CPB (cost per booking). Use these parameters to restructure your campaigns, weed out the non-performing ones or to simply replicate successful ones. The power is in your hands.

  • Define Ad Campaigns
  • Set Attributes
  • Relevant Target Audience
  • Location Targeting
Campaign Set up

Integrated Cloud Telephony

Exploit the full potential of cloud telephony to drive meaningful conversations with your prospects. On TOTALITY, you only need to purchase unique numbers for your projects and the rest is taken care of. IVRs are instantly mapped and numbers are auto-assigned to agents while the entire call record history is automatically stored and maintained. It’s literally that simple!

  • Purchase Cloud Telephony Number
  • Credit Recharge Facility
  • Integrated IVR system
  • Maintain Call Record History
  • Calling Facility
Integrated Cloud Telephony
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