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Are you still calling and messaging your channel partners before every launch or to take updates? We’ve got the perfect solution! Stay connected with your channel partners 24x7. Channel Partner Accelerator is the most effective channel partner platform for realtors.

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With a user friendly UX, our app can be customized as per the designs and specifications of your brand.

Steps are being taken in the right direction when it comes to the integration of real estate and technology by the real estate industry. However, one important aspect of the real estate business still relies on the age-old method of the yesteryears. We are talking about the channel partners who work hard for you to deliver results for your corporation. To tackle this problem and make the communication between you and the channel partners smooth, we have come up with a real estate channel partner program.

So, what are the benefits of our real estate channel partner system? Glad you asked!

Your channel partners get to keep the track of their leads and sales. Using our real estate channel partner app, your channel partners could keep track of their database by syncing their contact with our database. They could then file them according to their status, depending on whether they are a fresh lead or a lead that is already halfway through the process of owning their new home. Your channel partners get to decide to analyse different leads and then plan their strategy accordingly to close a deal. In a world that is trying to streamline their selling skills, having the data that our realtor Channel Partner Accelerator app provides your channel partners with could be invaluable which would eventually benefit you.

They could get instant access to information about the project using our realtor channel partner management system.

Every client your partners run into is different and every client’s wishes would be different and be suited according to their taste. Using our Real Estate Channel Partner Management System, they could have instant access to all the projects that you are making in a flash. This helps them give the clients what they want along with them finding exactly what they were looking for making it more likely for them to close the deal. Your partners wouldn’t need to be on the phone with others or be digging in a mountain of papers to find the project that would interest their client.

Your channel partners could schedule meetings and keep better track of their schedules.

Previously, channel partners used to walk around with a small notebook. This changed into taking notes on the phone, but they could never arrange it properly. Using our Channel Partner Accelerator app will make it a thing of the past. With the help of our application, your channel partners could fix a site visit or meeting and even remind the clients through the application about the meeting or the site visit. This not only makes it convenient for the channel partners but also serves a far greater purpose than the notebook of the old days.

At Totality, we want to push the boundaries of that would not only help us but everyone in the real estate industry, including your channel partners. Using our Real Estate Channel Partner Program, you could create a stronger bond between you and your channel partners and grow alongside each other. We are striving to create this utopia for everyone in the real estate industry in India.

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